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Paint-your-own Pottery

Paint-your-own Pottery

     at Home


Try my

DIY take-away package

  • Choose from a selection of bisque (unpainted pottery) and I can supply all you need to decorate it - in your own time, and in your own home.

  • Delivery or collection available


  • Return your decorated pieces with the take-home pack to me for final glazing and firing.


  • You just pay the studio price for the pieces you paint, plus a delivery fee if you would like me to deliver your pack, collect your painted pieces and return the fired pottery to you.

Parties and events

Here's how it works...

  • You choose the pottery selection for your event.


  • You simply pay the studio price for the pieces painted, plus an attendance fee (£30 - includes all materials, equipment and instruction and delivery of your finished pieces) 


  • Each guest chooses an item  of unpainted pottery to paint with a range of bright, easy-to-use glaze colours.

  • The finished pieces are then taken away and fired in a kiln and will be returned to you in a few days.




Release your creative talents and arrange a get together with your friends for a special occasion or just for fun:


"Very many thanks for conducting such a fun session at our house.  Everyone was talking about it as one of the highlights of the whole weekend - brilliant!"    

 (Andy K.  Family party 10.7.16)

Handprint  Art


Prints on pottery

for pre-school and

        toddler groups           


Create a special memory – your child’s little hand or footprint painted onto a piece of pottery.

Children’s hand and footprints on pottery make wonderful gifts for all occasions.

Each piece is taken away, finished with a brilliant transparent gloss glaze, kiln fired, then returned to you via your group leader.


Typical prices are as follows:


Coasters/4” Tiles                     £4     

6” Tile                                      £6

Mug                                         £8

6” plate                                    £6

8” plate                                    £8



Seasonal pieces such as hanging heart ornaments or Christmas gifts and decorations are also available.


Raise funds for your pre-school/toddler group...

10% donation from orders at your event.

Caroline Lawes (Churchill Toddlers): "The children at our local pre-school and a number of toddler groups have always enjoyed themselves when Elaine has visited for a pottery painting session (we adults have too!). The younger ones can put their own stamp on things with hand or footprints, and the finished products always look fabulous. They make ideal gifts for friends or family, particularly when occasions like Christmas or Mother's Day roll around. I would highly recommend Elaine ... a truly top-notch service."


Sally Wilcock (Churchill Pre-school): "These sessions are fantastic - Elaine offers a range of products to choose from and has all the equipment needed. Your kids get to do their own work and Elaine takes it away to her kiln before returning it looking fantastic. It's amazing what her professional glaze can do to a 3-year old's painting!!"

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