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 “Create with Clay” kits 

Pottery activity boxes now available! (Radstock area only)


Do you fancy trying your hand at clay modelling but don’t have all the equipment you need? 


As a taster, to get you started, I can supply you with clay and provide a set of tools and clay paints (optional) to use for a week. 

When you’ve finished creating, I’ll collect the tool kit from you and bring your masterpieces to my workshop for firing and finishing with a clear gloss glaze. 

(If you would prefer to use coloured glazes rather than clay paints for decorating your work, this can be arranged as an extra activity) 


Choose from "Rainbow" or "Earth" colour sets. 

Family Box includes all colours.

What's in the box?

 Basic kit includes: 

      1kg white earthenware clay 

      30cm square work board 

      Rolling pin      Wooden guides 

      Clay cutting wire 

      Potter’s knife and pin** 


      Paint brush

      Tips and techniques guide

   (**Sharp tools – adult supervision

        needed if using with children) 

  Colour-to-clay kit:

     As Basic kit PLUS.. 

     a selection of special clay paints that

     can be used as soon as your clay

     pieces are dry. 


     Includes paint brushes and palette. 

     I will simply add a clear glaze before

     firing your creations. 


 Family Box:    

     For more than one person with extra    

     clay, boards, rolling pins and guides.

"Create with Clay" activity box 




clay,  use of equipment, delivery/collection (Radstock area) and firing of finished pieces 


Basic Kit            £12 

 Extra clay £4 per kilo)


   Colour-to-clay kit £15


    Family Box 

     £8 per person (Basic)  

     £10 per person(with colours). 

While I will offer you as much support as you need to complete your clay projects successfully, firing clay is an unpredictable process and I can't promise that every piece you make will survive! But be assured I will do my very best for you.

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